ph360 HealthType Test
Generally speaking, your body...

Without comparing yourself to women, as they tend to run colder than men in general, just think about you and your friends and how you react to weather changes.
Check out the details in each question if you're unsure how to answer.

You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
has trouble warming up in the cold and needs warm or hot temperatures to feel normal
Additional info
This is what you'd answer if you almost always an inner chill and need to be in a room that practically feels like a sauna to others just to feel normal. These are the people who generally have aversions to air conditioners or would have their hat, scarf and gloves in the late fall when most people are still only in jackets.
can adapt to any temperature easily with the right clothes
Additional info
This is what the majority of people would answer. Feeling cold in extreme winter and hot in extreme summer is normal.
often feels hot or has trouble cooling down in the heat and needs cool weather or breeze to feel good
Additional info
This is what you'd select if you tend to run hot and can't live without air conditioner in the summer and are probably one of the first people to get rid of the hat, scarf, gloves and jacket in the spring when others may still choose to cover up.
Think back to when you were about 7 or 8, were you...

Think back to those days when you were in school and compare the shape and size of your body to the other children of the same age.
Many people who are much bigger now than they were before, perceive their childhood shape as very lean and thin.
Similarly, many people who are currently lean perceive their childhood weight as well above normal.
But don’t compare your childhood weight to now. Compare your childhood shape to other children of the same age.

You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
lightweight, skinny or lanky as a child? (thinner than most kids your age)
very much in the normal range?
rather solid, average or even chubby as a child? (weighing more than most kids your age)
Take a look at your neck in the mirror. Would you say it's ...

Without stretching your neck up or scrunching it down, stand in front of a mirror in a relaxed position.
Is there a lot of space between your collar bone and your chin?
Is there a lot of space between your shoulders and your jaw?
Does your neck seem particularly robust?
We often don't pay attention to the shape of our necks, but they are indicators of our body type!

You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
pretty lean or thin (not wide at all), but more on the short side
Additional info
Though the short necks are often easy to identify and compare to long necks, the thickness can be trickier. Thinner necks can often be best identified when compared to shoulder or jaw breadth, essentially looking like a thin neck in comparison.
Definitely short and definitely wide
Additional info
If the chin is close to the collarbone and there isn't much space between the shoulders and the jaw bone, making the neck look somewhat stocky, then this is likely the right selection.
Thick or strong, but also on the longer side (certainly not short)
Additional info
Naturally thick necks are often found on bodies that are naturally thick too, though leaner bodies can get increased neck thickness through body building and heavy weight lifting.
Definitely long and slender
Additional info
Thin necks are often found on bodies that are naturally on the leaner side, though not exclusively so. And long necks are typical of the taller population. But regardless of height or weight, a swan-like neck should be evident.
I have no clue. Nothing really stands out about it.
Additional info
If your neck doesn't stand out as trunk-like, swan-like, stocky or petite and just seems to fit in the "normal" range for length and width, that's perfectly ok!
Comparing your upper body to the length of your legs, would you say you have ...

Some people refer to the sitting height, with long torsos making you look taller when you're seated. As you can see in the picture, people can be the same height with very different leg and torso lengths.

a long torso with shorter legs (the hips are practically lined up with the wrists)
a short torso over longer legs (the hips are practically lined up with the elbows)
not sure, it seems to be a proportionate ratio between the torso and the legs (hips and forearms are pretty much lined up)
Which best describes the length of your legs?
You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
Short - Usually short in height or an inseam of 30" (77cm) or less
Medium-Short - Average to short in height and leg length or the legs just seem short, especially the femur/thigh
Medium-Long - Average to tall in height with either legs that look medium-long or a torso that looks short in comparison to the leg length
Long - Usually tall in height, inseam of 32" (87cm) or more, legs seem longer than average
I really don't know
Compare the thickness of your legs to other men. Would you say your legs are...

Take a moment to look at your legs in the mirror.
Are they able to get thick and muscular or do they tend to stay lean and slender?
Don't compare your legs to your upper body but focus only on the thighs and calves.
Select how your legs are now, not the way the once were or how you think they should be.

You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
rather thick - lots of muscle or fat mass
quite average - can gain a bit of muscle but generally toned
rather thin - lean legs that don't really gain much muscle or fat
Have a look in the mirror. Which sentence do you think best applies to you?
You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
My belly tends to be rather flat naturally, unless I’m bloated and get a small pudge
I tend to always hold weight around the belly but with hard work I can get it flat
Flat belly? What's that? I've had lots of belly weight most or all of my adulthood
The length of your arms, in comparison to your body, are ...

Don't worry, most people don't have particularly long or short arms. This is really just for arm lengths that stand out.

short - my hands come down to around the height of my groin
Additional info
This is more common in short people than tall people, but if there's a significant difference between the length of your arms and your overall height so that it looks like you have short arms when you put them down beside your legs, then this is the right option to select.
long - my hands come down to mid-thigh when I'm standing up straight
Additional info
Whether you're short or tall in height, it's possible to have significantly longer arms than your overall height so that it looks like you have long arms when you put them down beside your legs.
Normal - nothing really stands out about the length of my arms
Additional info
Most people have arms lengths that are similar to their height or at least it looks like they do when they put their arms down and have their hands right at the upper thighs.
Walking around normally or standing casually....

Most people tend to walk around with their palms facing their legs, but as you can see from the examples, the pictures on the left show a casual stance with palms faced backwards while the images on the right show the palms facing in towards the body.

You may not notice this well on yourself and may need to check a mirror or ask your friends.

my palms tend to face back or behind me, I can see most of my knuckles if I'm looking in a full body mirror
Additional info
Though bodybuilders and muscle buffs sometimes pose with their elbows out, resulting in the palms facing back, it's important to consider the natural casual stance a man would take.
most of my palms are facing the sides of my legs, I can't see my ring and pinky finger knuckles in the mirror, I don't think my palms face back
Additional info
Most people tend to have their hands relaxed in a sideways position beside them, with the palms facing the thighs.
Make a circle around your wrist using your middle finger and thumb. Do your fingers
You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
overlap for sure - I can cover at least half the nail of my middle finger with my thumb
touch easily - I can make my thumb and middle finger touch without squeezing my wrist
barely touch or leave a gap
Think about your body throughout your adulthood. Which sentence best applies to you?
You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 2)
I'm generally lean and slender
I have a medium build with medium bone structure
I would consider myself sturdy with a large bone structure
Which of the following bodies is shaped most like you?
You can select multiple answers if you are unsure (Max: 3)
Bell - shoulders are narrower than the hips
Rectangle - narrow shoulders are relatively in line with narrow hips on an overall lean body
Inverted triangle - shoulders are visibly wider than the narrow hips on an overall lean body that tends to maintain a lean or slender shape
Trapezoid - broad shoulders that are visibly wider than the hips on an overall strong body that is able to gain mass easily and tends to have a thick neck.
Square - broad shoulders relatively in line with wide hips on an overall broad body that can gain mass easily
Oval - broad shoulders, waist and hips on a body that gains mass easily. Tends to also have a short or thick neck.
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